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Cole OGW: A Global Leader in Carbide Threading Inserts and Threading Systems

Cole OGW manufactures carbide threading inserts and threading systems in both standard and special thread form. Advanced designs and innovative manufacturing techniques position Cole OGW as a world leader in threading. OGW threading products feature thread pitches that are similar and tolerances that differ from one market to another.

Working with established carbide suppliers and coating partners, Cole OGW offers the latest substrates and coatings to optimize threading throughput no matter what material you are threading - P110, Q125, NL80, J55 high alloy steels, K55 foreign, or domestic.

Cole OGW products excel in usability and efficiency. For example, uniquely designed multi-tooth chasers, single point threading tools, holders and I.D. bars combine multiple operations in one holder or bar assembly.

For more information about Cole Oil, Gas and Water threading inserts and threading systems, contact Cole Carbide.

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